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Spring Summer 2017

Timeless design, minimalistic and sensual style
About collection
We are searching for a balance in our everyday life, full of different activities. We need to find an equilibrium in everything we choose and do. The collection Spring Summer '17 was inspired by American sportswear of the 60', Martin Muncasci, Yoga and Yegudi Menuhin's book "Unfinished Jorney". Simple and comfortable clothes, sensual, feminine and different. They are easy to wear, create your style and give you self-confidence.

"… Our basic yearning for balance is a kind of nostalgia for a state of perfect equilibrium: happiness is not only a feeling or condition we aim for in the future, it is a conception of balance that is alive deep within us from our experience of the womb. How to reconcile this internally-held ideal of perfect balance with the flux of everyday activity is the basic problem of human life. Life itself is a constant state of movement. …" Yehudi Menuhin